2017-PERFECT-SWINGThe Vernon Wells’ PERFECT 10 Charity and the Northwest ISD invite you to play wiffle ball for two great causes, knocking hunger for local children out of the park and shutting down crime.

The cost per team is $200 and allows for an unlimited roster.

Event proceeds directly benefits the Vernon Wells’ PERFECT 10 Charity and NISD Crimestoppers programs.

  • This indoor, wiffle ball tournament accomodates 3 Divisions (Elementary ages 11 and under, Middle School ages 12-14, High School/Adult ages 15+) with a unique prize to each Division Champion
  • Your $200 team entry guarantees your team a minimum of three (3) 25-minute games
  • This event takes place during April 28th-April 30th and allows for an unlimited roster to make sure your team can field enough players to compete during the entire tournament

Captains will receive a complete set of rules, but here a few important rules to note:


This is a self-pitch tournament, i.e., a pitcher from the team at bat is allowed to pitch to their own team in effort to provide the best pitch possible to hit. The maximum amount of pitches per batter is 5.


If you have a roster of more than 5 players, you can substitute batters at any point, but no batter can bat again until 4 other batters have gone before them.

If you have a roster of 10+ players, You can designate a defensive and offensive team if you choose.

If you foul your last pitch, it is considered a strikeout.


Your roster allows for unlimited substitutions, but only 5 team members can play defense at a time

The wiffle ball must be fielded cleanly for it to count as an out


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For questions, please contact Marc Valenti with the Vernon Wells’ PERFECT 10 Charity at marc4baseball@verizon.net.