PERFECT 10 had a chance to catch up with Michael Stanley, Chairman of the Board of the CIS Group of Companies and Co-Chair with his wife, Summer, of The One Thing Better Foundation, an organization instrumental in helping PERFECT 10 assist over 350 children in Arlington.


1. Please tell us a bit about you and your family?

Worked at CISGOC for 24 years. Undergraduate at the University of Houston in Economics and Math. MBA from Texas Christian University. Summer is a graduate of Texas Tech University. We have two sons that attend Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville. Mac is a junior, and Ryder is in the 7th grade.


2. Please describe your approach to achieve success in your goals for family/career. What have you learned along the way?

Although a little counter-intuitive, we are not overtly goal driven, particularly in business. Instead, we try hard to celebrate outcomes, regardless of whether or not we cleared a particular hurdle. Of course, we are disciplined in our pursuit of being good stewards of company resources, and this includes setting our sites high. We’ve learned over several decades that game plans don’t often survive the first three or four quarters, so our job is to encourage success, and learn from outcomes that turn out different than we thought they would.


3. Why is it important for your family/business/foundation to serve others?

We’ve been fortunate inside CISGOC, and are keenly aware of the associated responsibilities. We believe strongly that generous service organizations and Foundations are cornerstones of the stewardship we discussed earlier.


4. What drew you to help PERFECT 10?

As a Foundation, we are governed different than charitable organizations. In essence, we support like-minded organizations and charities who do the real “boots-on-the-ground” work. We’ve had the honor of getting to know Vernon and Charlene Wells and Perfect 10, and there is no a better example of two people who “put their money where their mouth is”, so to speak. I mean this in far more ways than just by them being generous with their financial resources. They are tireless workers in their efforts to assist children and families that are often under resourced. We’ve witnessed their effort and dedication first hand, and it’s inspiring. It is also a rare combination.


5. What do you hope to demonstrate to others by this service?

Hopefully, that The One Thing Better Foundation does the same…


6. What kind of legacy would you like to leave for your family?

  1.  Hands to yourself
  2. When given the choice of being kind or being “right”, and no one is worse off, choose being kind
  3. Always try to put other’s needs in front of your own
  4. Manners matter
  5. Never spend more money than you make
  6. Make yourself a promise to write down, every day, at least one thing you made better that day

That’s the One Thing Better Foundation.

Thank you, Michael and Summer, for all you do to help PERFECT 10 and others in our community!

(Here is a picture of our team with the Fort Worth Independent School District’s After School Leadership Camp.  The One Thing Better Foundation annually funds this camp for inner-city youth that are selected as Shining Stars for the leadership training camp conducted by the volunteer officers of the Fort Worth Junior ROTC.)