PERFECT 10 kicked off our In10tional mentoring program this week at Sherrod Elementary in Arlington.

The goal of this program is to provide Christian mentoring to children between the ages of 9-12 at least 10 weeks out of a regular school year.

PERFECT 10 is fortunate to partner with Sherrod Elementary.

Whether it’s weekend bags of food, spring break backpacks, Thanksgiving meals or Christmas toys, Kelly Spurlock, Sherrod’s school counselor, is always willing to help us help children in need.

You might not see the need at first glance. Set in a tree-filled quiet suburban community, it is not evident that children at Sherrod would be in danger of going hungry.

But most children don’t live in the manicured homes surrounding the schools. They are bussed or walk home to apartments and motels, often to single-parent families.

For many of these children, a hope-filled future is non-existent.

They are growing up in an area where juvenile crime is prevalent.

They witness older siblings, parents and other adults making bad decisions.

They see how hard it is for their parent or parents to eke out the weekly rent at a motel.

They don’t have an opportunity to attend church regularly.

They are not used to good news.

PERFECT 10 believes the best hope is found in an active relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through our In10tional mentoring program, we introduce children to Christian adults who believe the same. Our mentors are asked to share God’s love in a one-on-one format. This takes place in a safe, secure environment after school.

Personally, I admit that taking on a challenge to mentor a 9 year-old-boy doesn’t come without reservations. I’m not an expert in child development. I’m not guaranteed this young one will call Jesus his savior by the time he leaves elementary school.

But, I do know I love Jesus and most importantly, I know He loves me. I’m convinced that sharing this good news has been able to transform any heart and mind.

That is the faith portion of this endeavor.

Would you be willing to walk in faith with us so that children might discover a faith of their own?

We hope you will!

Chris Howard

Director of Programs