Sleepy-Hollow-SmallestMany children in our area are not living in a stable environment




Based on information PERFECT 10 has received through our relationships with school districts and social workers in Tarrant County, we know many children we serve:

  • Live in single parent homes
  • Care for other siblings
  • Live in motels
  • Are exposed to the influence of crime, drugs, alcohol and violence
  • Watch an excess of television
  • Don’t achieve in school
  • Have low self-esteem

Coupled with these conditions, many parents and teachers aren’t able to invest the necessaryone-on-one time with these children to help them gain a healthy perspective related to their future and their ability to perform well academically and socially.

It is PERFECT 10’s goal to provide a one-on-one mentoring relationship throughout the school year for each child in the backpack program. This consistent presence by a Christian adult mentor on a weekly basis will encourage each child while demonstrating that they are important. It is our hope that each child will realize their God-given talents and begin to see the possibilities on how they can use them to award themselves a brighter future. Each mentoring relationship will also focus on helping the child understand the importance of giving back to their community, to cultivate being a good steward to others.

Consider volunteering your time during the next school year by offering 1 hour every 2 weeks to mentor a child in our program. For more details, contact Chris Howard at Please be certain to put mentoring in the subject line.